In-House, Outsource, and Hybrid IT

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Managed Services

When evaluating IT responsibilities for in-house and out-sourced IT functions, there are benefits to both scenarios, and the right decision will be unique to each organization. The main benefit of having internal IT services is that your own employees understand and support the unique IT needs of your organization. One of the many benefits of outsourcing IT services is that you can leverage the Managed Service Provider’s (MSP) deep technical expertise in a particular area or multiple areas.  

MSP Pros 

  • MSPs provide services for multiple customer environments of differing complexity. This provides greater experience and economies of scale when it comes to delivering services and troubleshooting issues. 
  • MSPs staff resources with diverse skillsets and deep expertise: breadth and depth that are challenging to develop in-house. 
  • Peters & Associates and some MSPs are available 24×7, 365 days per year; a level of availability that is difficult to replicate economically. 

Outsourcing IT services enables organizations to expand their internal IT capabilities, without the need for a large capital investment or a commitment to hiring full-time personnel. Companies of all sizes and industries utilize outsourcing to reallocate, whether it be to free up resources from dayto day tasks that simply keep the organization running or to bring in specific skill sets to advance the initiatives and projects that support the organization’s goals and objectives.  

In-House Pros & Cons

Internal IT will understand the unique needs as well as the idiosyncrasies of your organization. Internal IT is beneficial for specialty software, custom ERP systems, and organizations with multiple internal dependencies. Internal IT also gives the organization in-house control over your data or your customer data 

Internal IT provides consistency for your end-users. The employees know who they are dealing with every day and learn what internal resources have which skill setssometimes they just like the style of one person over another – we are all human. This can be disruptive to IT as employees call their “favorite” IT staffer, thereby sidelining whatever project or special initiative that IT employee was engaged in for the time. 

By relying solely on internal IT, most organizations that are under a few thousand users will have internal IT staff act as a “jack of all trades” with “MacGyverlike” skills. Additionally, the longer employees spend working at the organization, the more familiar they will be with your organizations unique applications, business processes, internal/external interdependencies, and the less familiar they’ll be with broader technology landscape outside of your organization, including cutting edge information technology trends.  


Ultimately, we find that many organizations land in a hybrid model. This can be the perfect balanceIT can focus on efficiencies and improvements to their daily tasks and responsibilities as well has have time to dedicate to projects and initiatives specific to the organization’s goals. 

Peters & Associates can assist with the most technical projects, from Infrastructure to Cloud, and provide the heavy lifting and depth of technical knowledge that would take internal IT years to achieve. Since Peters & Associates can provide all IT services, we have clients that are “all in” where Peters is their IT department. However, most often our Managed Service offerings fit in with a hybrid model in which our team is responsible for some tasks (like patching, backup & recovery, or endpoint protection) and the in-house IT team is responsible for others. Our services can be customized to support your organizations goals. 

Explore which model is best for you.  Contact us at to learn more and discuss how we can partner with you to achieve your organizational goals and overall IT strategy.