Peters & Associates would like to thank the Ilinois CPA Society for inviting us to speak at its August 2017 educational event at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.  As the day kicked off, our panel of speakers brought perspective to the largest cyber security challenges facing executives today:

•  Fraudulent Instruction

•  Ransomware

Here is a brief summary of the panel and information shared:

While the cyber security landscape evolves rapidly, businesses need to have an effective security strategy based on more than just protection. Using NIST elements as a basis for a cyber-security framework, organizations can better position themselves to protect themselves against Fraudulent Instruction and Ransomware.

If you are looking for an advisor for a fresh approach and independent opinion to mitigate these risks, Peters & Associates is happy to help. Contact to discuss your needs, challenges and best approach, or read blogs on these topics.