How To: Back out of SharePoint Online “Turn off sharing for non-owners on all sites in this site collection”

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Microsoft continues to adjust security around the “sharing” features in SharePoint Online.   One recent update provides a feature in the “Classic” SharePoint Online Administration console to adjust sharing for individual site collection so non-owners (Full Control role) cannot share files or sites.    

The interface is a bit confusing, however.  At first glance, it looks like the links are pointing at some reference materials or to another dialog to actually turn off sharing.    Bewareclicking the “Turn off sharing for non-owners on all sites in this site collection” link does exactly that.   Once you click the link, there isn’t an obvious way to “undo” the change. 

Step 1

Step 2

How to back out  

What the “Only owners can invite new users” option is doing is updating the Access Request Settings configuration for each site in a site collection. 

    1. In the site collection, top-level site, go to the “Site Settings” page.  Click on the “Site Permissions” link.SharePoint Site Settings img

    2.  On the Site Permissions page, click “Access Request Settings” link.Access Request Settings img

    3. In the Access Request Settings dialog box, recheck the Sharing options and click the “OK” button.   

      OK Button img

      Repeat steps 1-3 for each site in the site collection.   Once you do this, the interface in the Administration Console will revert back to the original setting. 

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