How Cisco Meraki Cameras Boost Business Security

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Almost 70% of small and medium-sized businesses experienced a cyberattack in 2018. Cybersecurity is critical, but many companies don’t think to supplement their cybersecurity efforts with physical security measures. However, social engineering, device theft and equipment damage can have significant impacts on a company’s cybersecurity. Cisco Meraki cameras are a powerful tool for boosting both cyber and physical security.

How Digital Video Surveillance Boosts Physical Security

Video surveillance has come a long way since the days of grainy, often unhelpful black-and-white videos. Digital surveillance systems like Cisco Meraki cameras boost security by giving you an accurate view with audio. Sometimes visuals only provide part of the story; sound adds another level of security, giving you important clues that can help identify bad actors.

Today’s systems are also much more affordable and easier to manage. You can install more cameras in more locations, giving you a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening at all times. Video can be monitored and reviewed remotely, allowing you and your security team to respond quickly when issues arise.

How Digital Video Surveillance Boosts Cybersecurity

The relationship between physical security and cybersecurity is sometimes overlooked. Cybercriminals will use any route they can to access sensitive information, and that route often includes compromising physical locations. They may attempt to access servers, steal or damage equipment, or steal employee badges to better access your data.

Video surveillance around sensitive areas, such as your server room, is critical. Without this surveillance, you only have a partial picture of what’s happening, and your security team could miss important clues indicating an impending cyberattack on your system.

Why Cisco Meraki Cameras?

Cisco Meraki cameras are more than just passive cameras. They offer a robust onboard processor with object learning. Using machine learning, Cisco Meraki cameras can tell the difference between people and objects (and improve these capabilities over time). You can easily export video clips and control exactly who can view the footage.

Cisco Meraki offers a range of cameras for indoor and outdoor use, including fisheye cameras, varifocal cameras and compact fixed-lens cameras. Their cameras are low-profile and blend into any environment.

Start Integrating Your Security.

Cyber and physical security shouldn’t be treated as separate entities. Some companies end up focusing so closely on cybersecurity that they forget to surveil their surroundings. Start safeguarding your space to safeguard your digital assets. Learn more about Cisco Meraki’s cameras in our comparison guide.

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