Highlights of upcoming Microsoft Teams Features

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Collaboration | 0 comments

The Microsoft 365 Roadmap currently has 100 new features listed for Microsoft Teams: 

  • 31 in development 
  • 8 rolling out 
  • 61 launched 

Here are some of the new features that were announced at Microsoft Ignite 2019. 

Private Channels 

Adding a private channel to a Team site has been the #1 requested feature on the Microsoft Teams UserVoice site (where anyone can vote to have features added to Microsoft Teams). 

Private channels enable users to create channels within existing teams that can be viewed and accessed by only select subset of users of that team (private channel users must be users of the wider team). 


Multiwindow – Pop-out Windows for Chat and Meeting 

This feature will allow you to pop out a chat or meeting into a separate window. This will allow you to use the rest of Teams more effectively at the same time. The multi-window feature is coming in the first quarter of 2020.  



New integration between Outlook and Teams – 
Outlook plugin to copy emails to Teams / Teams Message Action to Send Teams Message to Outlook 

This feature will allow Teams users to move and share an email (and attachments) into a Teams chat channel. A new “Share to Teams” button will be made available inside Outlook early in 2020.  It simply moves an email into Microsoft Teams. It will allow users using Teams to have a private conversation about an email thread or simply bridge the gap between the systems Teams and Outlook.

New Tasks App in Teams – Personal Tasks and Planner Tasks 

Also scheduled for release in 2020, this feature will allow you to consolidate your tasks across Microsoft To Do, Teams channels, Planner and Outlook. The views including tasks assigned to you, the priority, as well as start or due date. 

Real-Time Live Captions in Teams Meetings 

This feature will start rolling out as Preview in US English later this year with plans to expand to other languages in the future. 

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