The Four Corners of SharePoint Design – Part 1

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Collaboration | 0 comments

Many clients say to me, “We want to use SharePoint in our organization, but it’s capable of so many things, how do I decide what to do first?”

I’ve been designing and deploying SharePoint business solutions for over 10 years. When I think about how an organization can best make use of the capabilities of SharePoint, I think about those capabilities as the Four Corners of a box that includes all the great things SharePoint does.

  • Corner 1 – Information Sharing
  • Corner 2 – Document Management
  • Corner 3 – Collaboration
  • Corner 4 – Business Workflow

Corner 1 – Information Sharing

Today, the average person can create emails, edit documents, post to social media, record videos and shoot pictures, all from their smart phone. We’ve entered an age of communication that’s not limited to the written word or a verbal conversation.

This is a great thing, because now it’s easy to create information in ways that facilitate the transfer of knowledge.  It’s never been easier to communicate information and ideas. By combining multiple communication methods we can provide an overall better experience.

Think about all the different ways your organization can leverage these new methods to share information. Wouldn’t it be great if you had one place where you could store and display this information? What if you could organize and categorize the information to make it easier for your personnel to find the information they need?

This is the first way a collaboration solution like SharePoint can help your organization.

How does it work?

SharePoint provides two powerful sets of functionality to facilitate information sharing:

  • The ability to organize and display different kinds of information in a consistent and related manner, in a single venue, and via multiple devices and locations by:
    • Creating intranets, extranets and internet sites
    • Accessing information via multiple browsers
    • Accessing information via desktop, laptop and tablet computers and smartphones
    • Accessing information securely from anywhere you have internet connectivity
    • Displaying many different types of content within a single display
    • Customizing display based on an individual or group
  • The capability to identify what all this great information means to the organization, then facilitates the ability to search for information by:
    • Searching for multiple types of information
    • Returning information via search based on an organization-wide set of tags
    • Creating a single display of related information stored in multiple places within the SharePoint environment
    • Including search results from systems outside the SharePoint environment

I think the best way to get the most out of your collaboration solution is to first understand the capabilities it brings to the table.  Second, you can identify how your organization will leverage these capabilities and third, prioritize your deployment.

If you would like help to evaluate your work processes and determine what collaboration solution can work for you, contact us at or 630-832.0075 for a complimentary consultation.

And be sure to check out The Four Corners of SharePoint Design – Part 2 focusing on Document Management next month.