Enhance Productivity with Cloud Managed IT Services

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Cloud

Don’t all small business owners want to enhance productivity?  Clearly, this is a top priority for any company, and it is no surprise that technology can play a significant role.

Here are four benefits of a cloud service provider that can help your small business perform at its optimal level.

#1. Remote Access

Enhance Productivity Cloud Managed IT

Cloud computing gives employees the opportunity to work from home or a remote area. Employees can easily work together and collaborate on multiple projects, whether they are working next to each other in the office or on the other side of the country.  They can easily upload large files on the cloud and share these documents from any location with access to the internet.

According to a study by Citrix, it anticipates more than 50 percent of the workforce to be remote by 2020.  Remote workers tend to be happier and feel they have a better work-life balance.  There is no doubt that satisfied workers and more engaged, and this creates a culture of enhanced productivity.

#2. Data Security

Enhance Productivity Cloud Managed IT

One of the top advantages of cloud services is that it greatly increases data security for your business. While it is true that the loss of critical data in the workplace can damage the reputation of any company, it also impacts employee productivity. When important data is lost, it needs to be re-created, and that takes a significant amount of time, resulting in wasted hours and resources.

A cloud provider should be able to help you keep data available with built-in redundancy and protect you from things like ransomware or file deletions with solid data backups. The added bonus is employees have continuous access to the data they need to achieve organizational goals.  And if by chance, an employee accidentally deletes the wrong file, the IT provider can help you retrieve it from the previous day’s backup.

#3. Subscription-Based Software  

Enhance Productivity Cloud Managed IT

Cloud technology is a fantastic way to save your business money because it gives you access to software programs at a fraction of the price of purchasing these applications on an individual basis. The subscription-based model allows you only to buy what you need at a much lower price.

Employees need the appropriate tool for the job, and often that tool involves the latest features and functionality.  Different roles in the organization need different software. With the subscription-based software model, the business can provide the appropriate software to those who need it.

Allowing businesses to buy what they need when they need it without carrying inventory often results in cost savings over time. The subscription-based model provides flexibility in product matching as well. This will prevent businesses from over-buying products you don’t intend to use (aka “shelfware”).

#4. Automatic Updates

Enhance Productivity Cloud Managed IT

Downloading the latest software updates is essential in keeping your system secure at all times. Keeping your system secure provides an environment where your employees can focus on what they do best for your company without compromising data or information.

They don’t need to concern themselves with making sure they are using the latest version of the software.

Many employees do not take the time to download these updates, and they unknowingly create significant security risks for your company. However, an IT service provider will automatically download these updates on the cloud to ensure that your business stays protected while also improving the stability of the software. These automatic updates will save your employees time and allow them to remain focused on their core job tasks.

Cloud technology continues to make a significant impact in today’s business environment. Managed IT services can help your company create a culture of enhanced productivity while taking advantage of the benefits of cloud managed services. The cloud provider will keep the back-end updated and configure the workstations to always stay up-to-date so your business stays protected and the software stable. Remote access, data security, subscription-model software, and automatic updates all lead to increased productivity. These are a few advantages of using cloud technology for small business owners to answer the call for increased productivity.

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment can help you determine which benefits from working in the cloud are best for your business.  If you need more information, we are always happy to help.  You can contact us at info@peters.com.