BUT…I own this domain, Office 365!!!

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Collaboration | 0 comments

I help many of our clients with Office 365 migrations.  We initiate every project with planning.  There have been a number of times, as we start working through the process, where we find that the primary email domain cannot be added to Office 365.  They have never set up a tenant before but, somehow, somewhere… the name is in use.

This can be incredibly frustrating when you are trying to get a project off the ground.  I have found that the typical cause for this problem is caused by PowerBI or Flow.  These are two amazing Microsoft Office 365 products – but they offer you initial access for free by just typing in your email address.

Typically tenants that are not in use or when a trial ends will eventually get deleted and removed.  However, it has been my experience lately that PowerBI tenants are still remaining long after the trial is over.

In a case like this, what can you do to move forward with your implementation and migration?  There are two courses of action that I have taken to resolve the issue:

FIRST – I spend a whole day emailing and walking around to all the possible PowerBI fanatics that could have set up the tenant.  If they actually admit that they did, I try to get them to log in to the portal and create me as an administrator.  This of course has yielded very little success.

SECOND – I end up opening a ticket with Office 365 support to try to get additional details on the person that set up the tenant.  More often I end up having to validate the domain for the PowerBI tenant in Office 365.  Once I have validation, I can work with Microsoft to remove the domain or ensure I have an administrator account created so I can remove the domain from PowerBI.

An additional and interesting issue has arisen because of this scenario as well.  Sometimes I want to make sure the tenant domain mirrors my company domain.  A fantastic example of this would be something like ContosoRocks.onmicrosoft.com and ContosoRocks.com.  If someone setup a PowerBI trial with ContosoRocks, it most likely also has the tenant namespace ContosoRocks.onmicrosoft.com.  In this case, once I have validated the domain and become a Global Administrator I can just use this tenant… and have to migrate any data or actions I completed previously to this tenant.  That leads to a whole different set of possible issues that will be presented in a separate blog about Tenant Migrations.

If you find yourself in need of assistance with Office 365 tenant creation or migrations e-mail info@peters.com.  We are happy to help!