Incorporating the Right Tech Into Your Digital Learning Environment

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Digital learning environments are essential for modern education. With remote learning, digital learning needs to be as seamless as in-person. Even if your district isn’t conducting learning remotely, today’s educational applications and resources require up-to-date technology. Let’s look at the right technology for today’s learning environment.

Wireless Solutions

It’s hard to understate the importance of wireless technology. It allows students to quickly access educational apps with minimal lag time, keeping them engaged, and delivering learning tailored to their level.

Almost 17 million children don’t have adequate internet access at home, according to Future Ready Schools. Without the proper resources, students cannot complete homework and lose the opportunity to practice skills leading to lower grades and an achievement gap. Robust, secure wireless access in schools and libraries provides internet access to support all students.

Cisco Meraki is built for today’s learning environment. It’s easy to deploy and manage and can handle 1:1 and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments without slowing down the network. It can also block unwanted traffic and prioritize educational apps. E-Rate funding can be used for wireless access solutions, including Cisco Meraki.

Collaboration Solutions

With the shift to remote learning, collaboration solutions are essential. They need to be secure and user-friendly. Collaboration solutions also keep your teachers connected and make district meetings simpler.

Many solutions offer features like breakout rooms, file sharing, group messages associated with different meetings or projects, and more. Microsoft Teams, for example, is a robust and user-friendly collaborative solution. You can personalize Teams with educational and organizational tools, integrate third-party apps, create assignments, and provide feedback to students. You can create student identities to ensure only students can access the platform and use policies to further control access.

Taking Your Digital Learning Environment to the Next Level

The right technology can make all the difference. Is your infrastructure up to the task? What about your collaborative tools? We’re here to help you support your students and maximize your E-Rate funding.

At Peters & Associates, we have almost four decades of experience in supporting organizations. We can assist you in making the most of your current technology and make strategic upgrades to improve your network. We’re a proud Cisco and Microsoft partner with expertise in collaborating with schools.

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