Cyber Security Threats to Watch For

by | Aug 25, 2017 | Security | 0 comments

We are mid-year and cyber security threats are still growing and evolving at a rapid speed. Software and hardware vendors are trying to keep up with the demands in the cyber landscape. The cyber security world is always evolving – the good guys develop new techniques to block the bad guys, the bad guys try to work around the new techniques. Cyber criminals are developing smarter attacks daily. There are a few trending cyber security threats that you should watch out for.

What’s trending?

Malware as a Service

It is a business model that cyber criminals are using to aid other cyber criminals to increase revenue. This extends dangerous and effective malware strains to more criminals.

Ransomware on the Rise

Manipulating open source software is becoming a trend for cyber hackers. The hook changes, but one of the methods on the rise uses ads to draw victims to websites for free education courses and tricks them into downloading malicious files.

Email Security

Cyber criminals have found a way to bypass spam filters, create realistic phishing campaigns, and manipulate end users into clicking on phishing emails.


We are so afraid of ransomware that when we are infected with a spyware it never seems as scary. The spyware is collecting data to potentially come right back with a bigger and better attack. It is all malicious activity even if the only immediate impact is a slower PC.

New Malware and Other Attacks

It is changing, hiding in memory, making forensics much more difficult, and outsmarting many technologies.  DDOS attacks are on the rise, so prepare your organization to reduce the risk.

IOT Devices

How is anyone handling IOT? This seems to be such a difficult topic when talking to any client. No one wants to lock out connections to these devices, so there are vulnerabilities waiting to be explored by cyber criminals. 

Shadow IT

With companies migrating to the cloud, too few organizations are focused on security vulnerabilities and management of elevated permissions within the cloud. Many organizations believe that the cloud environment is 100% okay and no maintenance is needed; this is far from the truth. Steps need to be taken to lock down specific services, manage access with a cloud access security broker, and regulate data that can be stored in the cloud.


Many organizations set up an environment quickly, and leave it completely exposed during development projects. If the environment is not set up to best security practices like you would do with your production environment, that is a risk.

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