There are several things that Cyber Hackers really want with you and your environment. Sure they want to make money and exploit your data, but we’re talking the granular things that Cyber Hackers want…

So what is it, you ask? It’s simple – they want 3 things…

  1. They want to find a way to get into your network through exploits, weak passwords, patch vulnerabilities, your end users, and spoofing.
  2. They want to stay in your network.
    • They want to learn everything about you and your company.
    • They want to know who you are friends with, who you network with, what your schedule is like at work, how you communicate to others via email or chat.
    • They definitely want to be familiar with your environment to understand your operations and the trends.
  3. They want your money and a lot of it.
    • Sometimes a quick ransomware will do the job.
    • Sometimes a spoofing scam to wire hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of being in your environment for 90 days or longer will do the job.

What should you do to avoid this?  

Here’s the thing about security threats and risks…there isn’t just one solution!

If a company is trying to sell you a service by telling you “hey get our monitoring because we have you covered and you will be safe,” they are outright lying to you. They want the sale, but you need a long term strategy – not just a tool.  To learn more we recommend you join our Ransomware Series Review webinar on April 6.

For basic security, you should have the following in your environment:

  1. Hardware Lifecycle Policy
  2. User Access Control
  3. Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Solution
  4. Backup Solution
  5. System Maintenance
  6. NG Firewall & Web Filtering

In Part 5 of our Ransomware series, we said that Cyber Criminals are on the rise. If you want to learn more about how to have better security to help reduce the risk of being involved in a ransomware situation – remember, it isn’t if you get ransomware it really is when you will get it – contact our Security Services at for a complimentary consultation.

Don’t miss out on our Ransomware Series Review coming up on April 6, 2017.