5 reasons you’ll want to use Microsoft Stream

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Collaboration | 0 comments

There are many tools that work with your collaboration solutions and Microsoft Stream is the next iteration of video management using Office 365.  Stream promises to provide more capabilities and performance over the current O365 Video Portal.  If you’re looking for a way to easily manage videos, here are 5 ways Stream can help:

Adaptive Streaming

Why does this matter to me? Based on the type of video, connection speed, and device, the user experience may be diminished based on resolution of the uploaded video.

How does it work? Behind the scenes, Microsoft encodes the video into multiple renditions, starting from a high quality rendition and then lower quality versions. The playback device utilizes the version that is best suited for the available bandwidth.

This means the video presentation for the end user will be much less likely to stop or be choppy.


Why does this matter to me? The current O365 Video Portal has limited functionality to quickly notify co-workers that a new video is available.  Invitations make it easy to give access to your video.

How does it work? Working in a similar fashion to SharePoint document and site sharing, Stream provides an easy to use dialog to invite others to your video.


Admin commands to enable or disable Stream

Why does this matter to me? Administrators needed a quick way to make Stream available to users across the organization. In companies with hundreds of workers this meant adding Stream licensing to users one at a time.

How does it Work?  PowerShell commands allow Administrators to deploy Stream licenses to all users simultaneously, or disable licensing for everyone.


Company Guidelines Consent

Why does this matter to me? Making sure users understand what content is allowed and not allowed when they upload videos helps reduce the potential for inappropriate content to be published to users.

How does it work? Stream administrators have the capability to make a policy document available to the application and enforce that users acknowledge and accept the policy. Users uploading videos are presented with a dialog that requires them to acknowledge the policy before they can move forward with the upload process.


Customize Channels

Why does this matter to me? Stream organizes videos under categories called Channels.  Individual Channels can be customized to create a unique identity for the category.

How does it work?  Stream provides the ability to add a custom thumbnail image for the Channel.  This way Channels are visually differentiated, making it easier for users to find the channel they want.


Need help to evaluate how Microsoft Stream can help you manage your video library and integrated into your collaboration solutions? Contact us at info@peters.com for a consultation.