Cloud Economics: A Managed Services Provider is the missing link

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Managed Services | 0 comments

With cloud computing becoming more popular for all sized businesses, it is important to know how to maximize your investment while also reducing your organization’s risk. Our Managed Services can help you accomplish tracking your ROI and understand how you can continue to limit security risks.

Cloud savings–are they real?

Cloud computing is not going anywhere anytime soon, so if you haven’t been interested in the latest reasons why “going cloud” is worth it, keep reading this blog. First you should analyze your infrastructure and figure out what your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) really is. Think about your employees, hardware, maintenance, and licensing costs with your equipment on prem. The best way to break this down is direct, indirect, and hidden costs of your Infrastructure. Oh, and don’t forget the downtime when failures occur.

The Cloud industry is not saying you should start terminating your employees, but it is reinforcing the idea that your business should be more efficient and less in a firefighting mode than your competitors. If you could reduce your costs for supporting your infrastructure, while growing your business, would you pass that up?

Managed Services not only allows you to save on short-term and long-term costs, it also allows your organization to keep up with the latest technology trends. The support in the Cloud is changing, so if you are in the Cloud you have to change.

Some ways that Managed Cloud Services can help your business:

  • Reduction of IT CostsManaged Cloud Services turns your fixed expenses into a variable cost, allowing you to free up more capital to use in other areas of your business.
  • Easy Access to the Latest TechnologiesYour Managed Services Provider will keep you informed of the industry trends because eventually you might have no choice but to move forward with them.
  • Security and Compliance RequirementsSMBs can minimize the risks associated with securing customer data while saving on IT because their Managed Cloud Services Provider is keeping them compliant.
  • Improved Risk ManagementSince your infrastructure is being managed by a larger team of experienced resources in security and compliance regulations your risk is decreased. No more delays in deploying patches or locking down systems.
  • ScalabilityScaling your infrastructure at any time is made easy and the costs are easy to understand.
  • Support – Welcome to the 24×7 Support world; now you have no team member attrition or issues with personal/work life balance – goodbye headaches. You have a large team supporting you with a Managed Services Provider so you can actually sleep at night.
  • Focus on your businessYes, we said this before–now you have the time to focus on YOU, YOUR Team, YOUR business.


Cloud isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so consider your TCO and how technology changes have already kept your business from growing as fast as you would like. If the majority of your infrastructure is still living on-prem, consider taking little steps toward putting it into the cloud to learn how it can lower your costs and increase the success of your organization.

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