Cloud by the Slice: Chef-Inspired Solutions Delivered

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Managed Services

On July 19th, 2019 we invited our customers to join us for lunch at Giordano’s in Oak Brook, IL. At our Cloud by the Slice event, we had the opportunity to speak to you about Azure, cloud migration, and how Peters can help you manage it all!

This recap will capture the highlights from Peters’ own Adam Gassensmith’s presentation at our Cloud by the Slice event.  We will also discuss how Peters can answer your Azure questions and help you build a seamless hybrid cloud infrastructure. Learn more about what’s possible when you combine Peters, Azure, and managed security by reading below!

To discuss the wide array of Azure capabilities, Adam introduced the Pizza-as-a-Service model. This model (pictured below) helps break down the Technology-as-a-Service model in an easy to understand format. Seems overwhelming doesn’t it? Let’s briefly explain:

Pizza As a Service Model

  1. “Made at Home” solutions are analogous to your on-prem servers, in-which you store data and run applications in a physical location, whether in your office or a co-location data center. In this model, you’re responsible for all aspects of your servers, network, data, and applications.
  2. “Take and Bake” solutions are your Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions (IaaS). These are your Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and appliances. Microsoft takes on the responsibility of managing physical hardware, but their customers still have a responsibility for the management of virtual servers, infrastructure, applications, and data.
  3. “Pizza Delivery” solutions relate to the cloud’s Platform-as-a-Service offerings (PaaS). Azure has many solutions in this category, but most people are likely familiar with Microsoft Azure SQL Database. In this model, Microsoft handles the virtual server, you just worry about your application and building your databases.
  4. “Dining Out” solutions are similar to Office 365 or other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. Microsoft will manage most aspects of the application, but don’t forget, you still have a responsibility to properly configure and monitor these solutions!

Understanding these four models and, more importantly, what they mean for your organization, can be a daunting task for any IT departments to handle on their own. To help take some of these time consuming tasks off of your IT teams plate, Peters offers a few different solutions:

Getting Started with Peters


Cloud Strategy Briefing: If you are new to the world of IT or Cloud, this is a great place to start. Peters will sit down and explore your existing workloads and determine high-value opportunities. These free consultations will give you an orientation to the cloud and how it can best serve your applications. Start here to build your perfect slice of the pie!

Azure Cloud Workshops: After your free Cloud Strategy Briefing, during an Azure Cloud Workshop an engineer will review your workloads and assess their readiness for the cloud. Areas include; Azure Site Recovery, Azure Backup, Hybrid Networking, and more. Whether you’re looking for a semi-manged “Take n’ Bake” solution or a near fully managed “Dining Out” migration, Peters can help you get there.

Proof of Concept: Once you’re ready to choose your slice of the pie, we will be able to kick start your project. Peters’ goal is to get you into the cloud in 45 days. Peters moves fast so you can start taking advantage of everything that Azure has to offer when you’re ready!


Ready for some “za”? Give us a call at 630.832.0075, our experts are ready to cook up your custom solution. You can also welcome to email us at with any questions!