Click or Treat: Don’t Let Your Employees Become Victims

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Security

Do your users’ clicking habits keep you up at night? According to the FBI’s most recent Internet Crime Report (2020), Business Email Compromise or Account Email Compromise accounted for 37% of monetary losses from all cybercrime in 2020. This is more than 3x greater than the next closest category. Like most things in life, there is not a silver bullet for stopping Business Email Compromise. However, there are solutions and strategies that organizations can adopt to help minimize the chances of a successful Business Email Compromise and mitigate the impact of an incident. One such approach is to train your users to distinguish suspicious communication from legitimate communication, treat links and documents with caution, and report potential incidents quickly. Teaching non-tech savvy employees to become “security-aware” is easier said than done.

Oct 2021: Click or Treat

Adam Gassensmith (Manager of Client Engagement) and Jeff Gargas (Manager of Support Services) provided an overview of what a mature security awareness program looks like. Jeff provided a demo of the tools our organization uses and why you need those tools to keep you and your company safe.

Watch the full recording, here.

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