Chicago IMA Chapter – January 2017 Educational Event

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Peters & Associates would like to thank the Chicago | Institute of Management Accountants  for inviting us to speak at its January 2017 educational event at the Metropolitan Club.  The speakers  focused on the unique needs, opportunities, and challenges faced by executives in governing and managing security in publicly traded and private entities today.  Here is a brief summary of the information shared:

Data Significance

Bruce Ward, Peters & Associates VP Business Strategy, shared insights focused on Data Classification, Data Significance and Confidentiality Risk.  He also facilitated a Data-Driven Risk Assessment exercise where participants used real-life scenarios from their respective companies.

A Data Significance approach to security enables companies to better align business strategies and operations with cyber security risk management.

An assessment of Data Significance should be periodically performed–this activity should not be viewed as a one-time activity.  An assessment looks at changing variables, such as:

  • New or significant changes to your business offerings or clients.
  • New partnerships or third-party relationships.
  • Mergers or acquisitions.

Security Awareness – Enabling Behavioral Change

With an extensive background in military and government information and cyber security, Joe Decker, Peters & Associates Security Analyst, brought his unique views and approaches toward enabling behavioral change among end users.

Key takeaways:

  • Enterprises have a dynamic perimeter, which historical defense approaches can no longer properly protect.
  • A properly educated human element is key to an effective and efficient security strategy.
  • Effectively changing end user behavior requires proper integration of strategies and measurements into your business operations.

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