Pizza as a Service

These days, the cloud is everywhere. However, the optimal cloud approach differs depending on a business’s unique needs. While some advocate for an all-in approach to cloud computing, others prefer a more conservative approach, such as moving backup data offsite or replicating servers for DR purposes. Determining the right move for your organization takes time [...]

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Transitioning to the Cloud: Transforming Workflow, Efficiency, and Innovation in Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

It's rare these days for an enterprise of any scale not to incorporate cloud technology into its core strategy. Most IT managers understand the potential benefits of service-based cloud provisioning. What remains less clear for many is the impact of the transition on workflow, efficiency, and innovation. The Value Proposition of Cloud-Based IT The value [...]

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Lighten the Load with Azure as a Secondary Data Center Recap (3:00)

  When it comes to datacenters, you have many choices. Among our customer base, Microsoft Azure is increasingly becoming a popular choice for many reasons including cost and convenience. Is Azure the right choice for you? The myriad of cloud options can be overwhelming. Between Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) [...]

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Cisco Meraki – Small Business Networking Solution

New branch locations, aging hardware, guest mobile device management can stress small IT departments, and by so doing, expose the organization to greater vulnerabilities. A streamlined networking solution helps to safely address that business risk through: Distribution and deployment tools, Performance optimization configurations, Guest wireless access policy management, and dvanced analytics. Cisco Meraki offers a [...]

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Multiple Office 365 Tenant Considerations

Are you considering migrating your company to multiple Office 365 tenants?  This is a decision that should be taken seriously and given much consideration.  The primary reason why organizations should consider multiple tenants is when there is a global end-user base. Office 365 tenants are based in the confines of a single region, and an [...]

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Office 365 In-Place Hold

In-Place Hold, formerly Litigation Hold and Legal Hold, can be useful after you have migrated to Office 365 for legal retention. If your company wants to make sure you keep everything regardless if a user moves or deletes it, you will want to become familiar with In-Place Hold. […]

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