Why you should brand Office 365/Azure sign-in pages

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Collaboration | 0 comments

Sometimes in the rush to get operational in Office 365 organizations can miss some of the smaller features that are available as part of their subscription. One of the items often overlooked or deferred is branding the login or sign-in page.

Why bother with branding in Office 365?

Why should you go through the effort of finding the right images and text to put on the page? While it seems like it’s solely cosmetic there are some security and support reasons as well.

  • Helps reassure end users that they are on the proper company login page
  • Can provide references for assistance should a user need help logging in
  • If you have special (public) events, you can publish that information on your graphic to help remind some of the users (more on that below)

When is branding in Office 365 seen?

Some users may never see the branding, or rarely see it and others may see it daily. This could be due to the applications being used and the authentication solution implemented.

Outlook authentication doesn’t use the web-based sign-in page.  However, if you are using “OWA”, SharePoint Online, or other Azure AD resources and accessing them from a browser; you would be sent to the web-based sign-in page that can be customized.

If you are using ADFS and “inside” the organization, typically you would not be prompted for authentication for Office 365 resources since it would be handled automatically by integrated authentication. However, outside users or companies without ADFS would have the web-based sign-in page that can be customized.

Branding is just one of several features available that are sometimes overlooked when implementing Office 365.  We can help you understand how to implement this feature and discover other Office 365 features that may have been passed over during implementation.  For more information email us at info@peters.com.