Back to School – BI Solutions Rule!

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Business Intelligence, Collaboration | 0 comments

Primary and secondary schools need to focus on two main priorities: running a business and providing the necessary resources for educating their students.  Administrators are challenged to accomplish their objectives and goals with fewer and fewer resources.  Funding is tied to performance measures and stakeholders are constantly looking for updates and information.  Gaining insights leveraging the massive amounts of data available is more critical than ever before.

Higher education has been leading the way, finding that adopting Business Intelligence (BI) solutions helps provide insights into administrative, academic, and workforce performance and outcomes for overall Education Data Management.  Schools have leveraged these tools to analyze large volumes of complex data and present them in easy to use dashboards and reports so they can run the business more effectively, quickly make decisions, and take action.

Primary and secondary schools, while not as large as colleges and universities, have many of these same reporting needs and can similarly benefit from BI solutions.  They provide a single, accurate, meaningful and up-to-date view of Key Performance Indicators in a manner that is easy to utilize by non-technical personnel.  Daily decision making and long term strategic planning can be based on facts and linked to clear strategic goals; progress can easily be tracked over time.  Not only does this enable improvements in effectiveness and efficiency, but academic performance and both student and teacher satisfaction as well.

Three key areas find the most value from BI: academics, administration, and workforce management.  Through these solutions you can monitor and compare student performance and the effectiveness of the educational process; identifying students that might be at risk before it becomes an issue.  Additionally, you can measure the impact school improvements, interventions, and programs have on student outcomes.  Finally, you can govern implementation of the Strategic Plan, evaluate ROI, and facilitate communication and alignment with all involved.

This blog only skims the surface on how BI can help school become more strategic and improve performance and satisfaction.  Email me at to connect and learn more!