Got Storage? Azure StorSimple can increase file storage while simplifying backup & DR

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Infrastructure | 0 comments

Organizations always seem to have a problem with available storage for files.  Users don’t like to delete files because they may need something from a few years ago.  Storage is relatively cheap, but the maintenance around storage growth, such as backups and meeting disaster recovery service level agreements, are hidden costs that also would rise.  In addition, most organizations don’t want to keep adding more expensive SAN storage for file servers with legacy data.  How can life be made simpler?

Leveraging the cloud for expanding file storage

Microsoft has a file storage solution that helps address this.  Available as both physical or virtual appliances, Azure StorSimple provides an on-premises place for files to be initially stored.  As you store files onto the appliance, it will be replicated to Azure for recovery purposes.  The on-premises appliance will keep active/warm data locally accessible and inactive/cold data will be kept solely in Azure.  If cold data needs to be accessed, it will be pulled down to the appliance for local access.

The easiest way to think of this solution:

  • All of your data will be in Azure.
  • The on-premises appliance is local cache for performance.

With this tiered approach, you now have a smaller local cache of disk that doesn’t need the added infrastructure for backup and DR, or to keep growing as data is added to it.

Great, my data’s in Azure, now what?

Once you have the data in Azure and making use of this new storage solution, it’s time to start making sure your data is protected.  Creation of backup policies will define how often snapshots of the data are made, so you can meet your recovery point objectives (RPO).

What about recovery time objective (RTO)?  Azure StorSimple has that covered as well.  At your DR location, you can have your StorSimple appliance ready.  When a disaster is declared, you just attach the DR appliance to the Azure storage.  As you access the data, they will be copied down from Azure to the local cache of the appliance.  RTO can be in minutes.

Addressing increasing storage demands while keeping RPO and RTO under control can be a challenge.  Implementing a solution such as StorSimple can help tackle such a challenge.  To find out if this is a good fit for you or discuss other options, email We are happy to help.