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How Cisco Meraki Cameras Boost Business Security

Almost 70% of small and medium-sized businesses experienced a cyberattack in 2018. Cybersecurity is critical, but many companies don’t think to supplement their cybersecurity efforts with physical security measures. However, social engineering, device theft and equipment damage can have significant impacts on a company’s cybersecurity. Cisco Meraki cameras are a powerful tool for boosting both [...]

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How Webroot’s Secure Anywhere Endpoint
Protection Works

A survey by ESG research found that 25 percent of respondents said their security teams were spending too much time investigating alerts, many of which were false alarms. Differentiating between real threats and false alarms is time-consuming for small businesses, but it’s also essential. An annual cyber-readiness survey revealed that small businesses with 100 users [...]

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5 Ways Microsoft Power BI Boosts Efficiency

Keeping a close eye on critical business data is essential. Unfortunately, gathering and analyzing data is often a time-consuming process, and in today’s fast-paced business environment, data is frequently out-of-date by the time it's pulled and documented. Power BI offers a dynamic way to stay on top of key performance indicators (KPIs). Perhaps more importantly, [...]

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4 Integration Possibilities for PowerApps in Office 365

PowerApps in Office 365 can bring massive productivity gains and cost savings to the organizations who use them successfully. For simple use cases, casual Office 365 PowerApp users can create fast, reliable and mobile-friendly apps without prior programming skills! Microsoft built PowerApps to help office workers devise custom productivity solutions for internal or external use [...]

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Boosting Efficiency with Microsoft Virtual Windows Desktop in Azure

With its latest Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology, Microsoft is bringing extensive cost and management benefits to IT departments. The new Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) brings greater efficiency to IT departments and dramatic improvements to the user experience than is true of most virtual environments. In addition, because it is run on Azure, the virtual [...]

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The Benefits of Integration: Why Your Business Needs an Integrated Approach to IT Security

In an increasingly dangerous cyber world, IT security can no longer be treated as an add-on or afterthought; it needs to factor into everything you do. To protect your business and customer data, you need an integrated approach to IT security. From how you collect data on the back-end to how you distribute and manage [...]

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Transition Your IT Department with a Strategic MSP

The IT industry is fast-moving, and companies must keep up with the latest developments to uphold security, keep clients happy and remain relevant in a competitive business landscape. The majority of this push comes from the IT department, and for small and growing businesses, finding and maintaining a stellar IT team can be a heavy [...]

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5 Ways Managed Security Services Keep Your Business Protected

A managed security service provider specializes in keeping your business safe and secure from cyber threats in the workplace. Data protection is essential in today's work environment, as a data breach can lead to significant costs and damage the reputation of any company. An IT managed security services provider will always keep your information safe [...]

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Pizza as a Service

These days, the cloud is everywhere. However, the optimal cloud approach differs depending on a business’s unique needs. While some advocate for an all-in approach to cloud computing, others prefer a more conservative approach, such as moving backup data offsite or replicating servers for DR purposes. Determining the right move for your organization takes time [...]

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