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Nate Hammond is a Marketing Coordinator at Peters & Associates focused on providing the most up to date information for our clients on industry trends as well as our news and events. He has spent extensive time studying Analytics, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and Social Media while pursuing his accelerated degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago with honors.

Cloud Workshop for Azure

With 88% of organizations using the public cloud in some capacity, now is the time to leverage all of Azure’s capabilities. Our Azure Cloud Workshop can help you determine which benefits from working in the cloud are best for your business. Our cloud IT experts use analysis tools, interviews with your key stakeholders, and discovery [...]

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Meraki Security

Cisco Meraki pairs the industry's largest-scale cloud networking service with innovative security products to help protect your business. The Cisco Meraki cloud service powers over tens of thousands of networks worldwide and connects millions of devices. These include a diverse set of Meraki security products like cloud managed security cameras with remote video access as [...]

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Our PULSE Alarm Security Response service provides 24×7 monitoring, alerting, and response for security events on your critical infrastructure. Using our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform our team can help identify and respond to security breaches to minimize loss. Included within PULSE Alarm is an annual vulnerability scan, weekly security analyst trend reviews, [...]

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Business Email Compromise

Business email compromise is tactic that, since January 2015, has had a 1,300 percent increase in identified-exposed-losses according to the FBI. For most organizations, this can mean that one compromised mailbox or erroneous forwarding procedure can seriously endanger the health of your overall organization. At Peters & Associates, we often see organizations with irregular mailbox [...]

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The Changing Role of CISOs

In terms of C-level positions, Chief Information Security Officers or CISOs are relatively new. They began to appear in conjunction with the rise of highly publicized data security scandals within large organizations. In many cases, adding a CISO was simply adding someone on whom to blame a security event, insulating the other officers or the [...]

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This Month in Cyber Security September Preview (1:56)

New cyber threats emerge on a weekly basis, but are all of them relevant to your organization? Each month, our security team will host a 30-minute webinar to discuss the latest threats and breakdown their applicability to small and medium-sized organizations, and cost-effective steps to mitigate risk. September had a lot of topical cyber news. [...]

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VMware Health Analyzer

How do you know when to examine your VMware products? Sometimes you need an expert. Our virtualization consultant will review the hosts and storage configuration to review current state and understand future direction. Based on input from your team, we will provide a list of recommended adjustments and help determine upgrade paths. At Peters & [...]

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Modern Workplace

When employees feel enabled to do their best work, they are engaged and satisfied. To deal with evolving business needs, distributed teams, and an increasingly complex threat environment, Microsoft must maintain a responsive, modern workplace. This comes in their Microsoft 365 offering which includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. These products [...]

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Cryptojacking the Internet-of-Things

Cryptojacking has been a security problem for businesses for some time now. You probably know that unprotected internet-of-things (IoT) devices also pose a problem for organizations. But, the newest security challenge facing businesses: Cryptojacking malware that leverages unprotected IoT devices. Cryptojacking is an infiltration tactic used by hackers with an expertise in cryptomining. It involves [...]

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Analyzing Content with AI and ML in OneDrive and SharePoint

Microsoft recently announced two innovations in content storage which leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to streamline user experience. They involve actively analyzing video, audio, and visual content and adding tags to improve search and storage capabilities. It may sound like science fiction, but these are just some of the ways AI and [...]

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