About Karen Frisco

Karen has over 20 years industry experience and has been a Project Manager with Peters & Associates since 1998. She’s known for building long-term and trusted partnerships with clients. She continues to be involved with project planning and deployments with clients she met during her first year at Peters. Karen has the ability to manage multiple projects and complex projects that include teams of 60+ members. Her technology focus is on infrastructure design, messaging and Office 365 as well as working with organizations on staffing, acquisitions and divestitures and acting as a liaison between IT and Business. Karen has also been heavily involved in building Peters’ solutions and offerings.

Cyber Security for the SMB

In the not so distant past, to secure a company a business owner needed locks on the doors, windows, and possibly an alarm system. Not long after, security meant computers and passwords and moving from paper-based transactions to online processes. In recent years, security has expanded and is now more encompassing than ever with the [...]

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Teams: A Pillar of Solid Project Management

Project management is the process of planning, organizing and managing tasks and resources to accomplish a successful implementation within constraints of time, resources and costs.  Project management is intertwined throughout the lifecycle of the project. Having been a project manager for over 20 years, running small or large projects should be a piece of cake.  [...]

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