About Joe Guarini

Joe serves as project manager at Peters & Associates with over 15 years of IT experience in networking, virtualization, disaster recovery, and security from healthcare, e-commerce, and consulting industries. Having helped companies achieve and maintain PCI and HIPAA compliance, he is adept at keeping end-users and businesses secure. He works diligently with clients to develop and manage projects, tailoring the right solutions for each business requirement.

4 Ways To Reduce Energy Costs in Your Data Center

Rising data center energy consumption and increasing energy costs have combined to increase the importance of evaluating data center energy consumption as a strategy to reduce costs, manage capacity, and promote environmental responsibility.  The first step in prioritizing energy saving opportunities is to assess current data center energy consumption.  Here are 4 additional easily addressed [...]

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My 10 Favorite Features in Microsoft Office 2016

You can imagine how much has changed in the past nine years since Microsoft Office 2010 was released.  Users may not be taking advantage of the many useful features that the new version of Office provides.  Let’s look at my 10 favorite features now available in Office 2016. Word In Word 2016, if you find [...]

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