About Hector Santamaria

Hector Santamaria has been with Peters & Associates for over 4 years. A Senior Consultant, Hector assists our clients in designing and deploying IT solutions that are effective and appropriate for the needs of their businesses. His specialty areas are server virtualization, networking, collaboration, Email and Office 365, all of which are supported through his credentials as an MCSE.

Hyper-V Snapshots – Who, What, When & Why

Hyper-V Snapshots. What are they?  When should you use it?  Why should they be used and how?  Read on to discover the answers and more. What is a Hyper-V snapshot? While it seems like a simple question, defining what a Hyper-V snapshot is can be problematic. One of the most important things is not to [...]

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What’s New in Hyper-V 2016

With the release of Windows Server 2016 a slew of new and exciting features have been added to Hyper-V.  Plus some features have been updated.  Below are some that I consider exciting and extremely helpful. Hot add network card and memory In Windows 2016, you can add or remove a network card to a VM as [...]

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