About Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson is a senior consultant who is focused on simplified solutions to accomplish business needs. With almost 2 decades of experience with complex large IT systems, mergers and acqusitions, ITIL, and automation Greg has an appreciation for simplification. This appreciate and passion lends itself to the deployments of Office 365 and Azure migrations for many customers. Early within Greg's career he was faced with the requirements for HIPPA, PCI and other security and regulatory needs. The well rounded experience Greg has caters to almost every need or question for business partners.

Reports, Reports, Get Your Office 365 Reports Here!!!

What is one big portion of Office 365 that I feel is under-utilized?  All the reports that are built in!  Taking the time to review the reports can provide some amazing insights into how the environment is being used and how people may be trying take advantage of it.  There are three main areas where [...]

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Actions, Alerts, and Notifications, O365 My!

In almost every deployment or review of Office 365 the following question comes up: “How Do I Know Everything is OK”?   In this blog I want to point you to the Alerts and Notifications that can be used in Office 365’s Security & Compliance Center and the future Security Center to help.    The Security Center [...]

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Microsoft Cloud Administration on the Go

Increasingly my day-to-day life is managed from my smart phone.  The more I use mobile applications installed on my phone to do pretty much everything, the less I find that I utilize a full laptop to accomplish many of my daily life tasks.  So I decided to set a goal of trying to accomplish the [...]

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Which Filter Came First – the Malware or SPAM?

Often when I am working with clients that have recently migrated or are deciding on migrating to Office 365, a concern and discussion arises around mail flow.  In particular, how mail is processed and where any impactful changes can occur. Microsoft does a fair job with outlining the overall mail flow process at a high [...]

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Office 365 Tenant Migrations

There are times where administrators may find themselves challenged to migrate from one Office 365 tenant to another.  There are many factors that can create massive hurdles for any migration, and those can be even more significant with Office 365 migrations. Three key areas that can be challenging include: data migration, domain migration, and Azure [...]

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BUT…I own this domain, Office 365!!!

I help many of our clients with Office 365 migrations.  We initiate every project with planning.  There have been a number of times, as we start working through the process, where we find that the primary email domain cannot be added to Office 365.  They have never set up a tenant before but, somehow, somewhere… [...]

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There’s an App for that…in Office?

About ten years ago the first introduction of mainstream mobile apps blew my mind.  Suddenly, we had the capability to connect to virtually any service in the palm of our hand. Today, companies are developing for a mobile-first world. However, my mobile phone isn’t the only place I can find apps.  I now find that [...]

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Cloud-y with a Chance of Control

One of the main mental hurdles for IT Administrators to overcome when it comes to the cloud is the transfer of control. Admittedly, it’s something that I struggled with early on in my experience with the cloud. I had concerns about how much I could control the environment, its flexibility, and ease of administration.  One [...]

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You probably shouldn’t open that email!

There are many types of email threats that exist and have for many years.  Beyond the potential of malicious emails creating security problems in your environment like ransomware, they can also have a significant impact on your company’s brand and integrity. One type of email threat that can impact your company brand and image is email [...]

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