About Bruce Ward

Bruce is the Vice President of Business Strategy. In addition to client-facing roles, Bruce is responsible for operational excellence in areas such as marketing, product alignment, and vendor relations. Over the past 25 years, Bruce has always served in an advisory role for C-level executives, IT Directors and CISOs to ensure that business goals align with IT strategies and initiatives. Microsoft has recognized, trained and badged Bruce as an internal Microsoft resource to allow him full access to solution architecture, roadmaps and competitive guidance. Bruce has a focus on consultative education and helping organizations envision their future with justifiable rationale. He is sought after on speaking engagements including CIO roundtables, executive forums, and conferences. Bruce is a graduate from the University of Illinois (Secondary Ed.) and also holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School, with a credentialed security focus (CISM).

Microsoft’s Surface Event: What has changed?

After the dominance of Apple’s iPad, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dedicated himself to developing a similarly popular tablet product. The result was the Microsoft Surface, Microsoft’s flagship tablet/laptop hybrid. Years later, at their Surface Event in early October, Microsoft released the newest version of this product, as well as line extensions that include tablets, [...]

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Enterprise Mobility + Security: Modern Workplace Preview (2:05)

By helping your organization fully leverage Enterprise Mobility + Security, you can simplify your IT environment by unifying management across all users, devices, apps, and services. Learn how Microsoft safeguards your data and intellectual property with built in security, and how to maximize EMS’s value to small and mid-sized business in our Enterprise Mobility + Security [...]

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This Month in Cyber Security – 4.24.2018

For the last 26 months consecutively, we have provided 30-min overviews of security “stories” on the last Tuesday of the month.  Today’s webinar was no exception.  Here are some of the highlights shared from “This Month in Cyber Security – April 24, 2018” which is also recorded (video 26:07).  For a little fun, we provided [...]

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2017 in Review

It’s often insightful to look back in order to look forward.  As 2017 has faded, I've reviewed what happened with our business last year to make forecasts about 2018.  Our business has always been driven by the needs of our customers, and 2017 was no exception.  In no particular order, here are 8 areas/ways we [...]

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Security Traditions

Traditions As the turkey and stuffing (and leftovers) have faded into happy memories we are left with two things:  1) additional pounds from the feast and 2) traditions.  The holiday tradition directly stems from our lasting memories and habits of celebration. This time of year, I can’t help but think about traditions and how that applies to an [...]

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Be the Jedi Master for Your Organization

Just like the plots in the Star Wars movie series, your security efforts are an ongoing journey....constantly confronted with changing technology and threats to your organization. Star Wars aficionados have been lining up for months to get tickets for the release of The Last Jedi.  The Star Wars series takes us on a Good vs. [...]

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SameTime to Skype Migration: 1, 2, 3

The Change Let’s be real.  We’re not really “migrating” from SameTime.  Instead, we are providing our employees a new platform for communications and conferencing called “Skype for Business.” There are some elements of SameTime we might miss in Skype for Business Online: SameTime group chats – organizations might use these for support or customer service [...]

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End of Life = Beginning of Loss

End of Life for several Microsoft products could signal the beginning of data loss for customers.  Microsoft has recently made several announcements about End of Life (EOL) on some products that likely are still running in your environment.  Increasingly, an unpatched product no longer receiving security updates is a rich target for exploits or at [...]

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Migrating Off of IBM Notes: 1, 2, 3

Planning Considerations Just thinking about a shift in communication and collaboration platforms can be mind-blowing. Where do I begin with my Notes to Exchange migration? How much will it cost? What are the benefits of a transition? Is now the time? The goal with anything complex is to break it down into digestible chunks. First [...]

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Is the Cloud Ready for Your Voice? You Decide.

According to industry guidance, 20% of businesses will be shifting on-prem PBX to a hybrid model in the next 3 years!  This is a effectively a revolution in an area of IT known for stability, not upheaval.  What does it mean for you? Top 5 Questions: Why are organizations making this shift? How would your [...]

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