Are you ready for return to work – from Work? 

by | May 20, 2021 | Collaboration | 0 comments

As Covid-19 vaccinations are distributed to people, the thought that the WFH (work from home) paradigm will be ending.  Granted, there will be hurdles – office building policies, concern over public transportation, costs for personal commuting, vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated and overall distancing within the office space. 

However, organizations are revising policies and working on phased or rolling returns to the office place.  These new guidelines will provide a roadmap for employee safety, yet ensure a continuous measure of productivity. 

But let’s get to the basics.  For the past year +, many systems were powered down and unused.  Staff utilized home computers or were issued company owned laptops to work from home.  What happens when these new devices or the original computers come on-line?  Be prepared before employees return to reduce the impact to the support desk. 

Planning for a return to the office? Here are a few items to consider: 

  • Power up all devices that are connected to the domain that were left in the office 
  • Push all windows updates – will take time 
  • Update anti-virus 
  • Update anti-spyware 
  • Test printing – do ink cartridges need to be replaced? 
  • If seating is changing, do printers need to be moved? 
  • WFH laptop – are printers configured for office devices? 
 Active Directory: 
  • Disable / remove any user IDs that are no longer with the organization 
  • Confirm all servers are patched and anti-virus is up-to-date 
  • Document and plan for any OS or AD upgrades that were put on hold – set a timeline to complete 
  • Confirm backups 
  • Review firewalls, DLP, Web proxy for updates, patching – secure as required 
  • Guest wireless – test and update, review policies 
Office Space: 
  • Wireless – confirm updates, patching  
  • If users will be bringing in new wireless devices – do you have the coverage? 
  • Is there a plan to space out seating?  What changes / moves are required to support the new footprint? 
  • Audio / Visual / Conferencing– turn up, update, test 
  • If people will be wearing masks, make sure AV equipment is set up to adequately pick up audio from people who may be speaking with a mask on 
  • Stock up and place hand sanitizer in convenient and frequently visited locations 

Planning is essential, as is having the support personnel prior to and during the return to the office. Peters & Associates is available to partner with your team to provide a seamless return to the office space. If you would like more information on how we can help you please contact us at