Addressing Common IT Challenges of Implementing Digital Learning Solutions

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Infrastructure

Proper implementation of digital learning solutions can increase student engagement and provide differentiated instruction opportunities for students. Collaborative tools aren’t just essential for remote learning; they allow students and teachers to connect regardless of where they are located. While these solutions help teachers and staff, they can also pose challenges with technical implementation. Let’s look at the IT challenges of implementing digital learning solutions.

Aging Infrastructure

The FCC recommends 1 Mbps of internet access per student to provide adequate bandwidth to support today’s educational apps. That can be a challenge when your network infrastructure is out of date. Updating often can’t be done all at once, so it’s done on a piecemeal basis when the funds are available.

Updating key elements of your infrastructure is essential to have the bandwidth needed to support every student.

Lack of Wireless Reliability

Wireless access needs to keep up with the demands of digital learning solutions. With 1:1 and BYOD environments, the demands are heavy. Wireless solutions need to be able to handle traffic increases and prioritize the apps needed to deliver instruction successfully. These solutions also need to block unwanted web traffic.

Cisco Meraki is one solution that meets the needs of today’s schools. It’s easy to deploy and offers complete network visibility. It can often be managed off-site, which is essential for lean IT teams that are already stretched thin.

Network Security

Schools are an increasingly popular target for bad actors, as they offer a wealth of personal data, access to local government resources, and identities with unblemished histories. Schools need to harden security with up-to-date firewalls, network switches, and wireless access points. They also need back-up and recovery systems and a disaster recovery plan. However, finding the time and resources to implement improved security is often a hurdle for IT teams.

Lean Budgets

It’s no secret that schools often struggle with funding. Resources are limited, and districts need to make the most of every dollar. Network and wireless solutions may be covered by E-Rate funding, but unfortunately many schools are leaving this money on the table.

An experienced service provider can help you access E-Rate funding and make the most of those funds. At Peters & Associates, we have almost four decades of experience in supporting organizations. We can assist you in making the most of your current technology and make strategic upgrades to improve your network. We’re a proud Cisco and Microsoft partner with expertise in collaborating with schools.

Cisco Meraki products offer the flexibility and reliability needed to support today’s digital learning environment. Download our datasheet to learn which Meraki products are covered under E-Rate.

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