7 Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services

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Co-managed IT services describe the arrangement where some of an organization’s IT responsibilities are outsourced to a managed service provider (MSP). This shared management approach to IT responsibilities is quickly growing in popularity across the globe. It’s no surprise that so many businesses are selecting this partnership approach to technology management because it offers several immediate benefits to those willing to give it a shot.

Are you interested in the idea of co-managed IT services but aren’t sure about handing off some of the tasks your internal IT team typically manages? We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 benefits that co-managed IT can offer your business.

Industry Expertise

Your internal IT team may know the ins and outs of your business initiatives and how the technology you utilize fits into those goals, but they may lack experience in other IT best practices. Opting to offboard some of the tasks that don’t fall into their wheelhouse is a great way to leverage the expert resources that MSPs have on staff. Their sole focus is on IT best practices, and they’ve seen a wide variety of issues, so they know how to handle pretty much anything.

Access to State of the Art Tools

Your internal IT team can leverage the same cutting edge management and automation tools that MSPs use without having to make the significant initial investment required to implement such solutions. They’ll often receive training and guidance on the products, enhancing their own skillsets in the process. As your company’s IT initiatives grow and change, you can easily scale your involvement with these tools up or down, depending on your needs.


With co-managed IT, you can leverage only the products and services that fit your needs and your budget. You’ll be able to scale your services to meet the specific needs of your organization, which can be especially beneficial for businesses that see increases in productivity at certain times of the year, like accountants during tax season. And when someone with special skills on your IT team wants vacation time, the organization still has IT support.

Better Focus on Business Initiatives

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the daily tasks that IT management presents, such as password resets, desktop support, and software patching. Leveraging an MSP to handle the daily helpdesk support of your organization takes away much of the chaos from your internal team, allowing them to focus only on the specific IT initiatives that will help drive your goals forward.

Lower Costs and Added Value

As another added benefit, your organization can leverage the off-hours support of an MSP, meaning your users can get the help they need when they need it without having to pay overtime or staggering the schedules of your staff. Plus, your HR team won’t need to spend time recruiting and hiring personnel that have the skills needed to manage IT. Instead, they can focus their efforts on recruiting employees that support your core business goals.

Outsourcing security monitoring services means more eyes on your network. Increasing the potential that a cybersecurity event will be detected, saving you from the downtime and mitigation efforts of a costly data breach. With the global average cost of a data breach sitting at $3.9 million according to IBM’s 2020 Global Data Breach Report, having as many eyes on your infrastructure as possible is an invaluable service.

Better Security

Splitting the responsibilities of your IT infrastructure between you and a third party company creates layers of security, making entry into your organization more difficult for bad actors. Many companies choose to keep their most important IT functions in-house while offloading the rest to a managed service provider.

Additionally, because MSPs focus on industry standards for cybersecurity management, you can rest assured knowing that they are taking every precaution to keep your business data safe.

Help in the Event of a Disaster

If a data breach, hardware failure, or another disaster should occur, you’ll have a team of skilled staff available to help you recover more quickly than you would on your own. Because they work with your organization in some capacity already, they are familiar with your environment and won’t need to be brought up to speed. The resources at your MSP can even use their skills and expertise to determine the root cause of the disaster and help develop a plan to mitigate risks of this nature in the future.

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