5 Ways to Bolster Your IT With Network Security Assessments

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How Network Security Assessments Work

Any business that hopes to stay secure, functional, and modern needs to understand the state of their network security before planning changes, upgrades, or new initiatives.

Network security assessments help companies establish a baseline to help them determine where they stand and what they need to accomplish their security and IT goals.

Typically, an IT service provider will perform the assessment by periodically assessing your network to help your business stay proactive and maximize cybersecurity in the workplace. As cybercriminals continuously find ways to penetrate computer networks, keeping your business safe and limiting downtime should be your IT consultant’s main focus.

How Network Security Assessments Support and Improve Your IT

Network security assessments can help you accomplish the following key elements of a viable IT strategy.

  1. Create a Strategic IT Roadmap
    Developing an IT strategy for your business is essential in today’s workplace. A network security assessment allows your IT team to focus on ways to maximize efficiency through initiatives like network consolidation and automation. A detailed IT roadmap provides much-needed direction for businesses to take advantage of the latest tech available while improving cybersecurity.
  2. Stay Up to Date With Industry Regulations
    Many companies must follow strict regulations to keep consumer data confidential. A network security assessment is a great option to help you maintain industry-specific regulations for maximum data security and may even be required by some regulatory bodies. Following these regulations is also an important way to protect the business’s reputation and avoiding paying expensive fines.
  3. Prevent Cyberattacks
    Cyberattacks target businesses small and large. Routinely scheduled network security assessments can pinpoint potential vulnerabilities that can result in a data breach or a cybersecurity incident. A managed service provider will look at ways to repair these vulnerabilities — and implement those fixes — to ensure that your business remains one step ahead of cybercriminals.
  4. Maintain Software and Security Updates
    Keeping up to date with software and security updates isn’t an easy task for many businesses. Enabling automatic patch downloads is a great way to save time while also ensuring that your network and devices remain up to date. A network assessment is an effective way to verify that your entire IT system is updated with the latest patches available.
  5. Identify Improvement Opportunities
    Always looking for ways to improve is key to keeping your company well-protected against downtime and cyber threats. A network security assessment is an excellent way to stay proactive and avoid becoming passive with cybersecurity. An IT service provider will continually look at ways to patch vulnerabilities while also monitoring your network for any malicious activity.

Finding the Right Network Security Assessment

Keeping your network working efficiently and maximizing uptime is critical for any business. Scheduling network security assessments on a routine basis is an effective way to stay proactive against cyber threats while also giving you peace of mind.

When shopping for network security assessments, look for ones that expose vulnerabilities to ensure reliable ongoing security. Further, when performed by a managed service provider, a network assessment should be paired with strategic counsel to help you optimize your assets, spending, and operability.

Peters & Associates takes a comprehensive approach to our network security assessments. We supplement our assessments with strategic advice to ensure your business stays up to date with the latest changes in technology while repairing any areas of vulnerability within your network. Get started with our network vulnerability assessment today.


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