3 Free Ways to Check and Enforce Your
Team’s Cybersecurity

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Today, the way we do business is more heavily dependent than ever on our digital infrastructure. A data breach could be utterly catastrophic if the proper security precautions are not in place.

We’ve highlighted some of the free trials we offer to help you be cyber smart and protect your organization against the most common cybersecurity threats.

Security Review for O365

When you think of cyberthreats related to email, the first thing that comes to mind is likely phishing attempts that target people’s inboxes in an attempt to gain access to personal information. In fact, business email compromise is on the rise with 96% of organizations identifying phishing scams as the top security risk. While phishing testing and security awareness training (described below) can help organizations. Detecting when a mailbox compromise has occurred is just as important as attempting to prevent the compromise.

A well-rounded cybersecurity solution should focus not only on prevention, but also detecting a breach as quickly as possible. With an O365 security review from Peters, our team will monitor your O365 environment for 30 days, looking for anomalies in activity that could indicate a potential data breach. We utilize a combination of mailbox auditing, policy review, and alerting to take a deep dive into your O365 platform to detect potential areas for concern and improvement.

After 30 days, you can sign on to our full managed service to ensure that business email compromise is detected and remediated as soon as possible.

Phishing Test

Phishing campaigns geared towards email inboxes use social engineering to pose as a legitimate business or individual in an attempt to gain access to personal information like login credentials, banking information, and more.

Email is among the most commonly targeted technology platforms by cybercriminals, with 85% of organizations reporting that they have experienced at least one phishing attempt within the last year. Threat actors are getting better at masking their phony email campaigns as real, meaning that these dangerous campaigns are becoming more successful.

With a free phishing test from Peters, you can test your organization’s readiness for an actual phishing attempt. With this program, Peters sends a mock phishing test to your staff to track who opened the email, clicked on an embedded link, or downloaded an attachment. You receive a detailed report outlining the results of the campaign. This information can then be used to help educate staff on what to look for in a potential phishing campaign.

Ready to take it to the next level? Our security awareness training program includes monthly phishing tests and a comprehensive, multi-media training platform to maximized your staff’s readiness for real-world phishing attempts.

Vulnerability Scan & Report

Cyber threats don’t end at an organization’s email platform. Threat actors will attempt to exploit any weakness within a network to gain access to PII, confidential business data, and more. Vulnerability scans crawl the external network for an organization to identify bugs or mis-configurations, producing a report with actionable insights that organizations can use to tighten up security shortcomings.

Our free vulnerability scan will analyze your external network and provide a report that outlines a summary of any issues, how the vulnerability was detected, how severe it is, and what should be done to bridge the gap.

On-going vulnerability scanning is recommended to keep your environment secure.

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