3 Essential Tips for Working From Home Efficiently

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Collaboration | 0 comments

In today’s climate, many of us are working from home to practice social distancing. For first-time remote workers, the adjustment can be tough. And even if you’re used to remote work, many of us are working while surrounded by our families, making it a challenge to stay focused. We thought it would be helpful to share some tips for working from home efficiently.

#1. Create a Remote Workspace

If you have a dedicated home office, it’s relatively simple to create a work-friendly space. Set up an ergonomic keyboard and the best chair you can find, and you’re all set. Make sure you have a lot of light to help you focus and keep your spirits up; if you rely on sunlight, invest in a few indoor lights for the overcast days.

Tip: Try a light that mimics sunlight! Full-spectrum sunlight bulbs are great for making you feel awake and keeping your mood up.

If you don’t have a dedicated room, you can still create a workspace. It might be the dining room table, but that’s okay. Set it up to be as work-friendly as you can, and set boundaries with others when you’re in that space to minimize disruptions. Easier said than done, of course, but setting up a work spot helps get you into the work mindset instead of your home mindset.

#2. Stick to a Schedule

Your routine is likely to be different than when everyone was going to work and school, and that’s okay. The important part is to find a schedule that works and stick to it as much as possible. That schedule should include time to take breaks. Real breaks, not catching up on housework, if possible.

Tip: Step outside and get some fresh air. Do something that lets you breathe and disconnect.

When you work from home, it’s easy to feel like you should always be working. It’s important to take breaks and to have a set start and end time for your day.

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#3. Stay Connected

Staying connected to your co-workers is essential, and not just for work stuff. Consider connecting with colleagues for a virtual coffee break or happy hour, where you catch up on life as well as work. Virtual meetings can be every bit as effective as in-person ones.

Tip: Don’t forget to mute your microphone when you’re not speaking, and be mindful of when your camera is on and where it’s pointing.

Many organizations are turning to Microsoft Teams for collaboration. It offers seamless file-sharing and screen-sharing, secure video-conferencing and more. At Peters & Associates, we know how important it is for you to work together while apart. We can help you implement Microsoft Teams to keep you and your team on the same page. Contact us to learn more about Microsoft Teams.