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I have MFA enabled…but I never get prompted on my PC

With the adoption of MFA (multi-factor authentication) ramping up significantly to help thwart BEC (Business Email Compromise), some people have noticed that the end-user experience isn’t quite what they expected when using their PC.  They [...]

Cryptojacking the Internet-of-Things

Cryptojacking has been a security problem for businesses for some time now. You probably know that unprotected internet-of-things (IoT) devices also pose a problem for organizations. But, the newest security challenge facing businesses: Cryptojacking malware [...]

When, Why, and How to Encrypt Your Veeam Backups

Backups should be encrypted whenever they contain any data that is important to an organization and there is any chance that the data could be accessed by non-authorized entities.  This usually means that all backups [...]

Microsoft Uncovers Large Scale Spoofing Scheme

In this space, we often talk about the tactics that bad actors use to infiltrate organizations, but sometimes it can be difficult to truly grasp the scope of these hacking operations. Microsoft recently uncovered a [...]

SD-WAN or MPLS? Trick Question . . .

While I’m no expert in network infrastructure, a buzzword in this space has recently caught my interest: SD-WAN. To understand SD-WAN you must also have knowledge of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), which is how data [...]