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Are you ready for 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)?

Many organizations are in the same boat right now asking, "Should I postpone any upgrades to wait for 802.11ax?" Whether you are technologically conservative or on the cutting edge, it might be time for your organization to [...]

Highlights of upcoming Microsoft Teams features

The Microsoft 365 Roadmap currently has 100 new features listed for Microsoft Teams:  31 in development  8 rolling out  61 launched  Here are some of the new features that were announced at Microsoft Ignite 2019.  Private Channels  [...]

This Month in Cyber Security: November 2019 (1:42)

Too often, organizations gloss over the importance of cyber security in the workplace. As technology has advanced, the lack of end user cyber security awareness has become a leading cause of breaches in modern organizations. [...]

Shared Mailboxes in Office 365

Shared mailboxes are helpful in maintaining correspondence with a group of people.  Organizations often use these for centralized distribution to HR, Accounting, or IT Support.  An email is received in the mailbox and multiple people [...]