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This Month in Cyber Security: August 2019 (2:28)

Each month, Bruce Ward hosts a 30-minute cyber security webinar to discuss the latest cyber threats and breakdown their applicability to SMBs. He even covers important cost-effective steps and solutions to mitigate risk. This month [...]

Least Privilege and Risk Management

Over the years, Microsoft has published a variety of articles relating to 10 Immutable Laws of Security. One of my favorites was from 2000 - Law #9: Security isn't about risk avoidance; it's about risk [...]

Planning for End of Support

Organizations are planning and migrating away from Windows 7, Windows 2008, and SQL 2008 systems since End of Support (EOS) is January 14, 2020.  It’s also a great way to refresh and modernize with a [...]

Back to School Physicals

Similar to kids' annual doctor appointments before their pilgrimage to school, all organizations should be annually assessing their key vitals.  Are there gaps in my security?  Is my virtualization rock-solid?  How does my Office 365, [...]

This Month in Cyber Security: July 2019 (2:13)

This Month in Cyber Security New cyber security threats emerge on a weekly basis, do you know which of them is relevant to your organization? Each month, our security team hosts a 30-minute webinar to [...]