backup & recovery assessment

Don’t wait until a disaster to test your plan.

when was the last time you evaluated your backup and recovery strategy?

When a disaster strikes, healthy backups are the last line of defense. Without a complete and reliable backup strategy, organizations often waste time in recovery mode and permanently lose critical data. You should evaluate your backup and recovery strategy regularly with a reliable assessment.

the backup and recovery assessment

Identify Coverage Gaps

Get a Score & Roadmap

1-Day Timeline

Peters’ Backup & Recovery Assessment combines high-level strategy review with a technical evaluation of your backup infrastructure and components. When you undergo the assessment, you’ll receive recommendations for improving your backup strategy and a roadmap to guide you in planning and implementing them. The engagement only lasts one day and can put your organization on the path to a more comprehensive, reliable, and secure business continuity plan.

what are the most common issues we uncover with our assessment?

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Backup and recovery strategies are part of our core practice, and we have been helping companies secure their data and operations for nearly four decades. While the technologies, trends, software and hardware have shifted, we have always maintained our focus on aligning technology solutions to your business challenges, not the other way around.

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