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With our expert IT team and technology, Peters & Associates provides full-service IT consulting, managed IT services, and IT security solutions in the Chicago area. Our award-winning work and proven successes help drive businesses forward. We solve challenges and build bridges to a better future with secure, scalable IT solutions aligned with your business needs and goals. A full service Chicago IT consulting firm, Peters & Associates has been successfully serving businesses in the Chicago area for over three decades with award-winning managed IT services and IT solutions for business, education, finance, manufacturing, and health care.

Pizza as a Service

These days, the cloud is everywhere. However, the optimal cloud approach differs depending on a business’s unique needs. While some advocate for an all-in approach to cloud computing, others prefer a more conservative approach, such as moving backup data offsite or replicating servers for DR purposes. Determining the right move for your organization takes time [...]

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Transitioning to the Cloud: Transforming Workflow, Efficiency, and Innovation in Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

It's rare these days for an enterprise of any scale not to incorporate cloud technology into its core strategy. Most IT managers understand the potential benefits of service-based cloud provisioning. What remains less clear for many is the impact of the transition on workflow, efficiency, and innovation. The Value Proposition of Cloud-Based IT The value [...]

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Ransomware Defense for Small Businesses – Are You Prepared?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that locks down your files by encrypting or scrambling the information. This information can be unlocked with a key, and that key is sold to the victim as the ransom payment. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the key or unlock your files after paying. [...]

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Security Services for Small Businesses

Outsourcing IT security services is an excellent option for small businesses that have limited or no internal IT resources. In growth mode, it is easy to overlook the importance of an IT security strategy and the resources required for day-to-day IT security management. However, a managed security service provider can help build an integrated IT [...]

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Small Business Cyber Security Best Practices

To ensure that a company’s data is protected against people with malicious intent, hardware or software failure, or even user error, small businesses must plan and implement cybersecurity best practices – both personal and work. These good habits are known as cyber hygiene. Just like washing hands can minimize the risk of infection, cyber hygiene [...]

Moving to Microsoft Teams

For many organizations just getting started with Office 365, there is typically some excitement about rolling out Skype for Business in order to enable better collaboration between individuals. Unfortunately, many are disappointed to learn that Skype for Business is not available to them any longer. Back in late 2018, Microsoft tapered access for Skype for [...]

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Small Business Network Security Recommendations

Small business network security importance cannot be understated.  This is as true in the Chicago metro area as it is throughout the rest of the nation.  The fact is that an unsettling majority of small businesses have networks that are improperly secured – or worse, not secured at all.  It can be easy for business [...]

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