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With our expert IT team and technology, Peters & Associates provides full-service IT consulting, managed IT services, and IT security solutions in the Chicago area. Our award-winning work and proven successes help drive businesses forward. We solve challenges and build bridges to a better future with secure, scalable IT solutions aligned with your business needs and goals. A full service Chicago IT consulting firm, Peters & Associates has been successfully serving businesses in the Chicago area for over three decades with award-winning managed IT services and IT solutions for business, education, finance, manufacturing, and health care.

Small Business Wi-Fi Solutions – Ease of Management is Key

Many small businesses in the Chicago metro area face the same challenges with their Wi-Fi. Consumer-grade hardware is commonplace.  Performance is often poor.  And management is usually a pain. These issues get even worse as small businesses grow. But there is hope. Challenge #1 – Consumer-Grade Hardware When it comes to Wi-Fi networking equipment, there [...]

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Cisco Meraki – Small Business Networking Solution

New branch locations, aging hardware, guest mobile device management can stress small IT departments, and by so doing, expose the organization to greater vulnerabilities. A streamlined networking solution helps to safely address that business risk through: Distribution and deployment tools,Performance optimization configurations,Guest wireless access policy management, anddvanced analytics. Cisco Meraki offers a comprehensive line of [...]

Office 365 Encryption Button

Most organizations have policies that dictate the type of communications that must be encrypted. Sensitive information is sent across organizations on a daily basis, and Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) can protect emails even when at-rest in a mailbox. But, the process manually encrypting emails can be overly technical and not user friendly. Peters & [...]

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Peters & Associates Ranked Among Top 501 Global Managed Service Providers by Channel Futures

11th Annual MSP 501 Identifies World’s Most Forward-Thinking MSPs & Leading Trends in Managed Services. Channel Futures is pleased to honor Peters & Associates - Chicago-based leader in delivering IT and cybersecurity support services to organizations of all sizes and industries .

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Configure eDiscovery Permissions Filtering for Content Search

Calling all PowerShell lovers! This is an opportunity for you to utilize your scripting skills to minimize the eDiscovery capacity for select users in your tenant. For the scenarios that call for restrictions on who should be able to search what with regards to Exchange Online mailboxes (both active and inactive), SharePoint Online Sites, or [...]

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Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

Strengthening your identity perimeter is vital to protecting your business. Most security controls within Office 365 are identity based, which means it only takes one compromised credential for your organization to be infiltrated. Peters & Associates can review your security environment with a Health Check and remediate any threats found.  Additionally, implementing Multi-Factor Authentication is [...]

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Data Security and Privacy Compliance

Peters & Associates offers unparalleled support and expertise to anyone trying to get current with their security obligations. As more and more corporate data scandals are in the news, the enforcement of the EU’s new data protection rule, GDPR, begins on May 25th. It’s more important than ever to fulfill your data-security obligations. Whether you [...]

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Phishing Cybersecurity Threat

Phishing is the biggest cybersecurity threat to all businesses, large and small. In 2017, 91% of successful data breaches began with a spear-phishing attack. Spotting signs of phishing early is the most important way to protect your business. Thus, your organization’s employees can either be your first line of defense or your greatest security weakness. [...]

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SharePoint HR Portal

How busy is your HR department? Chances are they have a lot to worry about. Processes like Hiring, Onboarding, Performance Reviews, and Termination can be a huge drag on Human Resources. Leveraging a SharePoint HR Portal solution from Peters can allow you to do all this, and more, digitally and with minimal employee investment. It [...]

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Using Compliance Manager to strengthen your Office 365 tenant data protection and compliance

Corporate compliance has become very complex and is continually evolving; it seems to have almost a life of its own. Compliance Manager helps reign in this dynamic enigmatic entity by providing a unified, centralized, comprehensive, and plethoric source of information. This, in turn, provides leverage for meeting desired corporate compliance in accordance with Microsoft recommendations [...]

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