About Marcia McMahon

Marcia serves as a senior project manager at Peters & Associates on the cutting edge of network technology. She works with her clients to assess, design and implement projects ranging from information security frameworks to on prem and cloud initiatives. With 25 years of experience in IT, she realizes financial advantages and user efficiencies for her clients by conceptualizing technical solutions for even their most complex business problems. Marcia has decades of experience managing technology adoption and compliance for the heavily regulated financial industry while delivering secure, resilient solutions on-time and on-budget. Marcia has leveraged a strong information security background to drive organizational compliance for customers as well as Peters & Associates own CompTIA Security Trustmark+. To pair with her extensive technical expertise, Marcia excels at communicating with both end users and executives alike.

Data Classification – What are your crown jewels?

Information Security involves more than hardening your perimeter defenses. The core of your organization is your data – your crown jewels. In order to truly understand the heart of what you are protecting, your data can be “classified.” Peters & Associates can assist you through the process by performing a data classification workshop. During the workshop, [...]

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Vulnerability Scanning vs. Penetration Testing

Do you understand the difference? Simply put, vulnerability scanning is passive and penetration testing is active.  Both of these assessments/tests have value and both can assist in your overall ability to evaluate your external security exposure. So, why do either (or both)? Well, for starters because the hackers are doing both too. But also, this [...]

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