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Using Artificial Intelligence to simplify operations—unlocking your data’s potential

HPE InfoSight, is the best-in-class AI solution to remove the burden of managing your infrastructure and solve your most challenging problems. HPE InfoSight uses cloud-based machine learning to provide global insights into the status and health of infrastructure, all in one location. HPE InfoSight predicts and prevents problems across the infrastructure stack and ensures optimal [...]

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Who has your back?

Server backups are your last line of defense when it comes to protecting your organization from ransomware and other cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, backup management can be tedious, and recovery testing is often overlooked. Peters & Associates can help. Our PULSE Backup Management service includes frequent reviews of backup success, backup maintenance, and recovery testing to ensure [...]

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

With 88% of organizations using the public cloud in some capacity, now is the time to leverage all of Azure’s capabilities. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment can help you determine which benefits from working in the cloud are best for your business. Our cloud IT experts use analysis tools, interviews with your key stakeholders, and discovery of your [...]

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Too busy fighting fires? Let us take the call!

You have more important things to worry about than deploying and setting up the security controls on your employee’s workstations. Within our PULSE Support and Managed Services, Peters & Associates offers Complete Remote End User Management. This covers basics like new workstation set-up, user account management, and mobile device management. It also focuses on securing [...]

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Backup and Managed Backup

Backup process, personnel, and technology often get tested at the wrong time…during a critical recovery.  Passing the test is expected and failure could spell doom.  Take the pressure off you and your IT with Managed Backup.  Our professional team takes responsibility for the technology and full process including job setup, monitoring, troubleshooting and handling all [...]

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We’re On It: Managed Services & Security

How much time does your team spend “keeping the lights on”? What initiatives could you undertake with a few more hours each month? The Peters & Associates (P&A) support and managed services team keeps our customers’ technology environment running smoothly and securely so our customers can focus on projects that drive their business.

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Managed Back-up Recovery

An effective backup and recovery solution is one of the most critical components of your security and disaster recovery strategy. Are your backup jobs completing successfully? How quickly can you recover in the event of a disaster? Are you sure that your backups are functional? Our PULSE Backup Management service helps ensure that your vital [...]

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Microsoft 365

We like to think of Microsoft Office 365 (M365) as a suite of suites including:  Office 365, Enterprise Mobility +Security (EMS), and Windows 10.  This technology bundle unlocks the popular productivity bundle of Office 365 with Office, Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive, Groups, Planner, SharePoint Online and much, much more.  Combine this with the management and security [...]

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Windows 7 EOS

Windows 7 is End of Support (EOS) and will not receive security patches beyond January 14, 2020.  Recently, Windows 10 became the most deployed operating system and NOW is the time to start planning and testing.  Things to think about: how to license; should I use BitLocker/Direct Access/Secure Boot; which personalization items to enable/standardize; and [...]

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