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Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Innovative technology helps to power and transform a business for success. We partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to offer our clients leading IT infrastructure products and networking tools for efficient and reliable solutions.

Whether you require additional server space, more flexible storage options, or better network services,
HPE has a line of products to enhance and optimize your business operations and Peters & Associates
can help you through any stage of your HPE product’s life cycle.

HPE offers a complete ecosystem of servers, server options, and software that allows customers to increase their agility, protect critical information, and deliver new applications and services more economically than ever before.

HPE Gen10 servers offer the world’s most secure industry standard servers.

Servers and Server Systems

HPE Servers has a wide portfolio including Hard Disk Drives, Smart Array Controllers, Solid-State Drives.

There’s a new style of IT – delivering modern storage architecture designed for the cloud, optimized for big data, and built on converged infrastructure.

HPE provides varied storage options:

For converged, fabric attached storage, HPE offers 3PAR and Nimble Storage.

Nimble storage3

HPE’s nimble storage guarantees 99.9999% availability across flash portfolio

Traditional Storage options include the P4000 model and HPE MSA.

HPE partners with Aruba to meet the challenges of the mobile-cloud and Internet-of-things era where visibility, automation, and security have become table stakes for survival.

Offers the Industry’s best 802.11ac Portfolio

Aruba Networks

Physical devices: Wireless Access Points, Switches, and Controllers

Services: Network Management, Analytics, and Mobile First platform

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