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Cisco Systems


The information highway to public cloud and data centers potentially exposes your organization to unwanted inbound traffic that can compromise your network. We use Cisco technology (hardware and software solutions) as part of the tools to protect our client’s businesses and information.

Cisco Systems provides networking hardware and telecommunications equipment. They specialize in emerging technologies like the internet of things and domain security. Peters & Associates can help you navigate their vast offerings and maximize the value to your organization.

Routers, Switches, Wireless Products, Interfaces & Modules, Optical Defined Networking

cisco router

• Automate your Network
• Lower WAN costs
• Assure your Network’s performance
• Detect and mitigate threats

Access Points, Outdoor and Industrial Access Points, Wireless LAN Controllers

• Adapt to growing demand for mobile
• Prepare for IoT growth
• Secure from evolving threats

Revolutionary Digital Network Architecture (DNA)

Next-Generation Firewalls, Advanced Malware Protection, VPN Security Clients

• Protect inbound email & outbound data
• Control Access to and segment my network
• Ransomware Protection


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