Cloud Architecture

Navigating you to the cloud.

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Cloud Architecture

Gain the benefits of the cloud—with cloud services to locate, connect, collaborate and more.

Whether you’re already using the cloud, or just starting to explore its benefits, we’ll help architect a cloud-based computing strategy for you—including cloud application design, cloud adoption plans, and cloud management and monitoring.

Whether you’re completely in the cloud, or using a hybrid of cloud plus on-site infrastructure and applications, our cloud architects will guide the application architecture and deployment to fit your needs today. And your visions for tomorrow.

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Cloud is the new normal.

(And reaching for the stars has never been easier.)

Peters & Associates, an award-winning Chicago-area cloud services provider, will strategize, design, build and deploy any type of cloud-based application to meet your needs.

We work on a daily basis with the following platforms, which are superior in agility, security, scalability, reliability, ease-of-collaboration, and cost-effectiveness over traditional and other IT applications and infrastructure.

VOIP | Video Conferencing | Instant Messaging | Office Collaboration/Connectivity

Project Management | Mobile Accessability | Group Creation | Global Communication | Document Sharing

Intranet sites | Public Internet sites | Workflow | Document Management/Version Management | Collaboration | Search

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