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Where should I backup my data?

We all know backing up our data is important.  This is becoming even more critical in light of all of the security breaches that have recently been taking place.  But, what’s the best strategy for [...]

SameTime to Skype Migration: 1, 2, 3

The Change Let’s be real.  We’re not really “migrating” from SameTime.  Instead, we are providing our employees a new platform for communications and conferencing called “Skype for Business.” There are some elements of SameTime we [...]

Customizing Your Office 365 Portal

If you belong to an organization that has not customized its Office 365 portal, you will undoubtedly find the above graphic very familiar.  It is the generic landing page where you enter your credentials in [...]

How can you drive Business Intelligence Adoption?

You spent months evaluating solutions, spending time and money on proofs of concept, and finally made an investment in the right Business Intelligence (BI) solution for your organization.  Congratulations!  But… the journey isn’t over yet.  [...]