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The Business of Hacking your Business

Whether its ransomware, credential compromise, distributed denial of service, or phishing: hacking your business has itself turned into a business. There are entire organizations dedicated to targeting networks and infrastructure. Because of the nature of [...]

New Tactics in Social Engineering

There’s a problem with combating social engineering style cyber-attacks. As soon as you understand all the methods that bad actors use… they develop new ones! But don’t let that fact dissuade you from appreciating the [...]

Office 365 Encryption Button

Most organizations have policies that dictate the type of communications that must be encrypted. Sensitive information is sent across organizations on a daily basis, and Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) can protect emails even when [...]

Data Security and Privacy Compliance

Peters & Associates offers unparalleled support and expertise to anyone trying to get current with their security obligations. As more and more corporate data scandals are in the news, the enforcement of the EU’s new [...]

Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

Strengthening your identity perimeter is vital to protecting your business. Most security controls within Office 365 are identity based, which means it only takes one compromised credential for your organization to be infiltrated. Peters & [...]