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Ransomware – Is there a Silver Bullet?

It seems like a week doesn’t go by that a client asks me what they need to do to stop ransomware.  I’ve even had one person ask if there is a silver bullet – 1 [...]

Site Provisioning in SharePoint

One of the hallmarks of a successful SharePoint implementation, or any technology platform, is scalability. How well will my environment be able to adapt and grow with my organization? To that end, clients frequently want [...]

Power BI Manufacturing Demo – Inventory Management

If you missed our Power BI Manufacturing Demo webinar on March 9th, watch this video for a quick overview of the Inventory Management portion of the demo.  Enjoy! If you would like [...]

The Evolution Continues – Ransomware Series Part 7

Another malware has hit the market since our evolution blog in February. Not only is this ransomware impossible to decrypt, but the cyber hackers are putting a nice spin on it. This ransomware is called [...]

The Four Corners of SharePoint Design – Part 3, Collaboration

SharePoint as a collaboration solution offers a multitude of functionality.  But how do you decide what features to use and what to implement first?  I have been designing and deploying SharePoint business solutions for over [...]

Cyber Security: What Does It Mean for My Business?

Keeping your data and electronic systems safe is critical to the success of your business.  A panel of experts was assembled from the following three perspectives to guide us on protecting our businesses: Legal and [...]