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Hyper-V Snapshots – Who, What, When & Why

Hyper-V Snapshots. What are they?  When should you use it?  Why should they be used and how?  Read on to discover the answers and more. What is a Hyper-V snapshot? While it seems like a [...]

Ransomware – Should I pay?

The “right” answer is no, you shouldn’t pay the ransom. This is similar to the stance the government takes when dealing with hostages. In principle, not paying ransom diffuses the whole process – the bad guys don’t [...]

The Four Corners of SharePoint Design – Part 2, Document Management

Deciding how to best implement and use SharePoint as a collaboration solution in your organization can be a challenge.  I’ve been designing and deploying SharePoint business solutions for over 10 years. As a result, when [...]

You probably shouldn’t open that email!

There are many types of email threats that exist and have for many years.  Beyond the potential of malicious emails creating security problems in your environment like ransomware, they can also have a significant impact on [...]

Hackers Known Targets and Entry – Ransomware Series Part 4

People assume that hackers are specifically targeting their company’s data for something similar to WikiLeaks. This is not the focus for most hackers--the main reason they want access to your environment is to lock down [...]

Email Enabled lists in Office 365 & SharePoint Online

For many years, users of SharePoint have enjoyed a handy feature known as “Incoming Email”.  This feature allows for assigning email addresses to SharePoint lists.  Emails sent to the assigned email address will process to [...]